SEO audit and UX

SEO audit

The audit is performed to show inaccuracies in the substantive and presentation layer of the website. Making changes is an unquestionable requirement, if only because of the reforms taking place in the search algorithm.

1. First point – to start with?
a) What are we striving for?  – the goal is to reach at least the first page of search results. This is often a difficult task and depends largely on the actions of competitors. The owned budget is of great importance.

During the preparation cycle you should get a list of keywords. Without them, it will not be possible to refer to content in the positioning process.

An audit involves creating a list of keywords. If there was such a list before, you only need to update it with new directions in which the company administering the site wants to go. A list of keywords can be made using search engine suggestions.

b) Indexing check

The list of searched records should coincide with website resources, excluding pages that are not included in the indexation. The resulting list should be compared with physical stock taking. It may happen that one of the subpages are missing. This is a signal of resource errors or actions not accepted by the search algorithm.

c) Brand phrase – on a query related to the brand promoted by the website, the page should be ranked first on the search list.

d) Mobile website priorities – a new way of evaluating portals is associated with the introduction of a document describing the principles of a modern approach to website evaluation. It’s called Mobile first index. It gives an advantage to websites with a mobile version. The direction of the reform is dictated by changes in the number of mobile devices appearing on the market. Their number increases every year. Algorithm change forces website publishers to change functionality so as to enable easy use of all amenities that are available to desktop users.

2. Activities within the website

The first work needs to be started by scanning the head section of the page template. You need to find two tags. Both affect the content presented by the browser.

a) “description” – the content of the tag is downloaded by the browser and displayed in the third line of the record in the search list; the content should accurately describe the subject of the site. If the tag has no content, the search engine randomly downloads content from the page.

b) “title” – each subpage and home page should have a unique title; it affects the assessment.

c) other review activities shall be carried out considering the content of the pages and evaluated in terms of:

– eliminating duplicate content,

– user needs,

– harmonizing with the list of keywords.

3. Service availability for network programs

The robot.txt file is responsible for it. It informs robots sent by the browser about the possibility of access to individual sections of the site. The file is simple and uses several commands.

4. Sitemap

Web robots regularly visit websites and collect information about them. If you want to make their task easier, you need to arrange crawler tips. The document responsible for giving directions is the sitemap file. Makes it easier for crawlers to search page resources.

5. Network of connections

A very important internal communication network should be thoroughly analyzed. The convenience of using the website depends on it.

The structure of external links is, in principle, the most important in the process of gaining position in the search list. A significant amount of time should be devoted to it so that all uncertainities are cleared up.


UX Audit

We conduct a user experience audit to improve the user experience of using our website, store or mobile application.

The purpose of usability audit is to eliminate basic errors such as:

1) No registration.

2) Not moving to the next subpage once the user is on our website or application.

3) No target activity. Such as buying a product or making contact.

Conducting a UX audit involves presenting, in the form of a comprehensive report, an independent assessment of the website, store or mobile application in terms of its key elements and friendly use of the entire system.


Our audits are extensive documents with an average volume of 30 A4 pages, which examine the relevant parameters in detail so that we can propose specific actions on this basis to eliminate weaknesses and increase results by overtaking the competition.