Why us?

About us

We work every day on our reputation for your success

years on the market
people involved in the promotion of one customer
projects carried out
analyzes that yield increased results

Our projects surround you

We derive real satisfaction from our work when while spending free time it turns out that we are surrounded by the effects of our work.

    • While traveling by trains, we could often find one of the issues of the monthly “In travel” made for PKP Intercity,
    • By entering the first page of Onet.pl we had the opportunity to watch Doda against the background of the wall for reporters, which we finished a few days earlier together with other materials promoting the congress for business women, which was also part of our accomplishment.
    • When flying from Poznań, on the route to Düsseldorf, we could admire the advertisement of this line of communication of our project for AirPort Poznań.
    • We had the opportunity to work for Tomasz Kamell on the accomplishment of advertising for the training series “How to talk to get along ?”.
    • When the new Mazda6 entered the Polish market, we made promotional materials for the gala in Warsaw with the approval of the board in Japan.
    • When entering Empik for another book, in the magazine section we could see the next issue of Businesswoman & life, which we have been running continuously for over 7 years.
    • While searching for information with the forex phrase, our activities kept the client’s portal constantly in TOP1 Google search engine in Poland and in the world.
    • We’ve been carring out promotional materials and star calendars for the And Who? The Budzik Clinic, the SOS Children’s Villages foundation and the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery gathering actors, vocalists, celebrities and media and business people.

What is our mission?


The analysis of factors influencing success and being ahead of the competition along with creating activities on the Internet in such a way as to improve our clients’ results, thus strengthening our position in the digital marketing and public relations industry.

What is our vision?

To be at the forefront of digital marketing and public relations agencies in Poland and at the same time being an international company.

How do we carry them out?

Creatively and unconventionally.

When we ran out of personal development options on Facebook … We wrote our own portal.

If you find a moment, take a look at the first personal development platform called Unikaton.

Thus, we stand out from the competition in the way that we not only can effectively promote in social media but we also have our own place building a relationships and a community focused on the interests and passions of people who are part of it.