Graphics and DTP composition

DTP comes from english Desktop Publishing and involves comprehensive preparation of publications for printing. DTP graphic designer has to know programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Typography rules, printing techniques and printing materials can’t be foreign to him. He will be using that knowledge on every stage of his work.
First step of profesional printing preparation is to become acquainted with text materials and illustrations sent by client. Then, with the usage of graphic programs it is needed to prepare illustrative material. These are both photos and drawing but also charts and tables of different kind. To do it well, skill of fluent usage of the programs needed for this, is necessary. Next step is text breaking and composition. Breaking is about placing text in columns on the pages of publication. While composition involves font type and size selection, margins and leadings selection, tabels and drawings elaboration. After well-performed breaking, every page should contain what the graphic project predicted for it. Whoever has no idea about creating titles, subtitles, drawings, diagrams, pictograms, tables, formulas, and notes etc., will not break the text well.
Next stage is to send broken text for correction. After getting the paper from proofreader, DTP graphic designer implements changes to the file. The profesional name of this action is called making amendments. Here, too, we can do nothing without practical knowledge.
Finally, the time has come to prepare the file to printing. To do it well, it is needed to consider, among others, the type of paper, printing technique, bleed and trap correctness, black structure, work margins, column formats. For a layman in the field of graphics this task may be impossible to do.
After performing actions mentioned above, the paper should be sent to printing house. However, it isn’t the end of DTP graphic designer’s work yet because he has to check the correctness of printouts and bookbinding. The printing house and the bookbinder do their job according to graphic designer’s recommendations, thus he has to make sure that everything is done according to his plan.
Every stage requires good knowledge from the sphere of computer graphics. Talent and sense of aesthetics will be useful features. We will take professional care of Your magazine or book.