SEO and positioning

We run effective positioning and SEO optimization

Positioning is a term that often shows off while creating and developing a website. Each person owning a website, store or blog would like to be at the top of Google’s search results and acquire many visitors from the search engine. To do so, it is needed to perform only few actions. Thanks to that we will, on our own, have influence on the fact how high in the Google’s search results we end up. Therefore, what is positioning? How to perform it? Why is it worth to be ranked high in search results? All information is provided below.

What is positioning?

Positioning is actions which purpose is to make our website position get high in search results in a given category or under a given term/phrase. Google rates the usefulness of websites and it views them to users according to its own algorithm. SEO actions have to make Google recognize our website as valuable and useful and to view it on the first places in search results. Many elements have influence on positioning. There are also many techniques and actions that we can perform in order to improve our place in search engine. We can do positioning on our own or we can comission it to seo/marketing agencies. These actions aren’t difficult when we become acquainted with instructions. We can take care of our website position to a greater or lesser extent.

Why is it worth positioning the website?

There are few reasons to position the website. First and definitely the most important thing is finding ourself on the first place in search results and acquiring clients or movement on our website. Only the three first results are most often used by people that seek for information. The rest of the results on the first page are visited rarer and the results on next pages are in the vast majority skipped. Therefore, the higher we will be in this hierarchy the more people will visit our website. This was we can acquire clients to our web store, readers to our blog or content recipients. High position in Google means also reputation and setting a positive image and trust up. Users have faith in websites that are on the first places because Google search engine recommends them.

Website optimization

The first action that we should start positioning with is optimization and apropriate setup of our website. We can use specific keywords in its metadatas, structural datas or website’s description. Google search engine, among others based on these informations, is cataloging our website and finding out what is it about and what does it contain. If we use apropriate words that have big value in this regard – we suggestively prompt Google in which category it has to position us. Another important aspect is also internal linking, which means putting links on our website that lead to other subpages or creating mobile version. It is worth taking care of quick website load because Google, except the information on website, cares also if the website delivers data quickly, efficiently and on all platforms.

Linking – backlinks acquisition

If we want our website to be ranked high in search results, it is worth putting links to it on other websites – for example blogs or forums. Google rates our attractiveness basing on if other websites “recommend” and refer their users to our website by links. We can add links both with recommendation of our brand and company or blog description. We can do it on our own or also use offer of marketing agencies that deal with these actions profesionally. Linking is very important factor that influences the position of our website, which is why it is worth considering it.

SEO texts

Other important and basic element of positioning is writing SEO texts and putting them on website. These are the texts that contain certain keywords under which we are supposed to be searched in the internet. The more keywords and the more precisely they describe given category, the higher we are put in this category by Google. This way search engine rates how much data on a given topic has the website and if it has more than competitive websites. It is also important for texts to be natural, not contain to many key phrases and to be formatted “for reader” which means containing for example bullet points, bolds, headings and sections of text. We can write these texts on our own or order them from copywriters or in marketing agencies if we also care about quality.

Local positioning – for stationary business

When we have our stationary business, we offer services in given town or we run a portal for citizens and we care about getting to people from given location, we can conduct local positioning. What makes it different from typical general positioning is the fact that we perform all actions in the context of our city or given place. Google will then bring us up in search results when a person from such city enters specific phrase or will be looking for service in a specific location. Search engine puts big pressure on providing data locally and we can take advantage of that fact.

To position our website locally we should note at every step that we are connected to a given city. First way of doing it will be linking which means link building conducted with local building of web forums, web pages or blogs. Google will then bind us with given location. We can put links to our website for example on local forums, blogs connected with given location or in the right places with name of the locality on other pages. Another way of local positioning is to use key phrases with locality names, supplement the Google business card “My Company” and show up as a drawing pin on the map.