Public relations

At the moment of implementation of new product on the market or of making changes in its image it turns out that operating rules from the area of Public relations become necessary. To describe what PR really is, we have to use the word “relation” because Public relations is different forms of company impacting on the environment and employees of our own enterprise. It is a free way of communicating with entities that we want to maintain positive relations with.

Public relations focuses on enterprise’s reputation and on relations between the institution and the recipients. In these days PR is also a social science that is advising the management or creating positive relations with entities that have influence on the future of the enterprise.

Public relations can be described as the process that is creating relations between the company and its environment according to rules such as:

  • acquiring credibility through fair communication,
  • actions that aim at gaining trust,
  • unceased communication that works both ways which goal is to create good systems and relations,
  • analysis and rating of environment that aim at establishment of actions or needed changes that are necessary to create social harmonies.

To make the whole process of each Public relations actions become effective, not only should we consider mentioned rules but also the order of actions, which consist of four stages:

  • initial state analysis and rating,
  • setting goals and the way of achieving them, i.e. actions planning,
  • fulfilling tasks, i.e. achieving communication goals,
  • rating and analysis of actions’ effects (effectiveness audit).

Communication in the light of public relations is necessary because actually thanks to it we’re able to build good relations with recipients, brand credibility or to fuel environment’s motivation to buy our product.